Gesar of Ling/Gesar Epic Tradition

    Wednesday September 21, 2011 @ 1:00 PM

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    Gesar of Ling

    2002, USA, International Reporting Project, 10 min.

    In 2002, International Reporting Project Fellow Rob Schmitz reported on one of the last living Tibetans in China who can recite the entirety of "Gesar of Ling," an epic poem that tells of Tibet's ancient past.

    Gesar Epic Tradition

    2008, China, Liu Gang & Pan Tao, 9 min.

    While the piece by Rob Schmitz focuses on one particular epic singer, this film gives a comprehensive overview of King Gesar and the varying oral traditions inspired by his story.

    Post film discussion moderated by Tibetan Studies librarian Lauran Hartley

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