Made in India (Part II)

    Wednesday October 10, 2012 @ 1:00 PM
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    2010, USA, Rebecca Haimowitz & Vaishali Sinha, 97 min

    Part I is featured on October 3.

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    In San Antonio, TX, Lisa and Brian Switzer sell their house and risk their savings on a Medical Tourism company that has promised them an affordable solution after 7 years of infertility. Across the world in Mumbai, India, Aasia Khan puts on a burka - not for religious reasons - but to hide her identity from neighbors as she enters a fertility clinic to be implanted with this American couple’s embryos.

    “Reproductive Tourism” has become a booming trade, valued at more than $450 million in India, and it’s growing rapidly. Infertile couples in the U.S. pay up to $100,000 for a domestic surrogacy, but they can pay for the same in India for roughly $25,000 (this includes clinic charges, lawyer’s bills, travel and lodging, and the surrogate’s fee). But this growth is occurring within a complete legal vacuum: currently, there are no actual laws on surrogacy in India - only suggested guidelines. And yet the practice continues to expand without regulation or protection.

    Made in India is the first feature documentary to show the personal stories of the real people involved — following their journeys throughout the entire surrogacy process.

    Post-screening discussion with the filmmakers Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha.

    About the Speakers

    Rebecca Haimowitz is the Co-Director/Producer of “Made in India,” which premiered at the Hot Docs Film Festival in May 2010, and aired on PBS in May 2012. She received her MFA in Filmmaking from Columbia University's Graduate School of the Arts. Rebecca is committed to creating films that reveal the human side behind social and political issues.  She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

    Vaishali Sinhais the Co-Director/Producer of “Made in India,” which premiered at the Hot Docs Film Festival and currently airing on PBS. Her ongoing film is "Kashmir" about young people growing up in one of the most militarized regions in the world, Kashmir, India. In 2005, her film "Choose Life?" about personal choice and abortion won her the best narrative at the New School Annual Film Festival, NY. She is from Mumbai currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.