Phantom India: Things Seen in Madras

    Wednesday January 9, 2013 @ 1:00 PM

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    1969, France, Louis Malle, 52 min.

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    The 1969 documentary Phantom India is Louis Malle’s seven-part portrait of India. It serves as an investigation into the country’s sociopolitical landscape, traditions, and people, as well as a furthering Malle’s self-discovery as a non-fiction filmmaker.

    The second episode of Phantom India, Louis Malle's seminal cinema direct documentary on Indian society, compiles much of the footage shot by Malle and his crew during their time in Madras.

    Post-screening discussion with Louise Nicholson.

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    About the Speaker

    Louise Nicholson discovered her fascination for India through its miniature paintings which she cataloged at Christie's.  She has visited India some 200 times, written copiously about its cultures, made a TV series about the Mughal emperors, become a leading travel consultant on India, and led about 100 trips there.  She recently discovered that Lord Cornwallis – who followed his Yorktown demise with an impressive stint as Governor General of India - is her antecedent.