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    Friday April 26, 2013 @ 7:00 PM

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    Danish architect Bjarke Ingels + Salk Institute’s Tom Albright demonstrate why neuroscience should play an increasing role in design.

    Ingels has the swagger of a night-club d.j., but he is acquiring the reach of a major international corporate practice: he is designing two of the world’s tallest buildings.” – The New Yorker


    "Good architects have lots of intuitions, and that's why good architecture works. Our hope is that we can identify principles backing up those intuitions that are more deeply rooted in knowledge about how the brain works. We'd like to be able to identify, for example, what particular elements would give you a better space for learning." - Thomas D. Albright, professor and director of the Salk's Vision Center Laboratory, and recently appointed president of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture.

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