Sufi Women in a Xinjiang Village

    Wednesday May 1, 2013 @ 1:00 PM

    Price: $10.00

    A rare window into Uygur life, culture, and religious practice by director and folklorist Rahile Dawut, PhD.

    A small group of Uyghur women from a Xinjiang village discuss the need and importance of their Sufi order in contemporary times. The Mullah of the order tells the story of how she came into her position as a religious leader.

    Post-screening discussion with Uyghur scholar Arienne Dwyer.

    About the Speaker

    Dr. Arienne Dwyer is a Visiting Professor of Digital Humanities at CUNY Graduate Center this semester, and otherwise a Professor of Linguistic Anthropology at the University of Kansas, where she also co-directs a Digital Humanities Institute. She is one of the world's leading Uyghur scholars and is the author of a Uyghur language textbook and is building an online archive of Uyghur manuscripts.

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