Meet the Curator

    Friday August 2, 2013 @ 6:00 PM

    Meet the curator of the exhibition Count Your Blessings, Elena Pakhoutova

    Join curator Elena Pakhoutova, as she guides you through the exhibition Count Your Blessings. Count Your Blessings focuses on aesthetic and ritual aspects of the prayers beads used in Buddhist traditions of Tibet, Bhutan, Mongolia, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Burma. It addresses the origins of prayer beads 108 beads in a set, the structure of prayer beads, their materials and symbolism, and status versus practice aspects of their use.

    The galleries are free of charge 6 – 10 pm every Friday.

    An informal celebration at the Rubin’s Friday night K2 Lounge follows (cash bar).


    About the Speaker

    Elena Pakhoutova is an assistant curator at the Rubin Museum of Art with a PhD in Asian Art History. Her background in Tibetan Buddhist studies contributed to her interdisciplinary approach to art history. Her dissertation studied thematic representations of the Eight Great Events of the Buddha’s Life and their Commemorative Stupas in the Medieval Art of Tibet and discussed their prominent role in the process of active assimilation of Indian Buddhist culture and formation of Tibetan religious traditions.  Her research interests include topics of syncretism and dialogue in visual traditions of Inner Asia, text and image, art and ritual, art and Buddhist pilgrimage, art production and patronage, and Narrative in Tibetan visual culture.