Hunter Gatherers: Shorts

    Wednesday September 18, 2013 @ 1:00 PM

    Price: $10.00

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    The fascinating hunting and gathering traditions of two Naga villages are detailed in these documentaries by Naga filmmaker Yapangnaro Longkumer. The films include:

    And Down to the River They Went
    2010, India, Yapangnaro Longkumer, 14 min.

    Set in the village of Longsa, this documentary is about the traditional practice of community fishing.

    The Diary of Mimi
    2011, India, Yapangnaro Longkumer, 23 min.

    Bordering Myanmar, Mimi village is on the fringes of Nagaland and still gains its sustenance from nature. This film follows the villagers as they go on their annual hunt of rock bees.

    About the Speaker

    Zilkia Janer has written a number of articles on the cultural politics of Indian cuisines. As  part of her research, she has travelled to Nagaland to taste and experience the culture of Naga food. She is the author of the books "Latino Food Culture" and "Puerto Rican Nation-Building Literature: Impossible Romance."  She teaches courses on culture and globalization at Hofstra University.

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