Medium is the Masseuse

    Wednesday June 11, 2014 @ 1:00 PM

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    1982, Bali, Linda Connor, Timothy Asch & Patsy Asch, 30 min.

    Post-screening discussion with Julie MacDonald

    Unlike many spirit mediums, Jero Tapakan practices as a masseuse once every three days, when possession is not auspicious. Filmed in Bali, this documentary focuses on Jero’s treatment of Ida Bagus, a member of the nobility from a neighboring town. Jero has been treating her client for sterility and seizures. She begins work this day with religious preparations and the assembling of traditional medicines. Treatment includes a thorough massage, administration of eye drops, an infusion, and a special paste for the chest. The dialogue, which is subtitled, includes a detailed discussion between anthropologist Linda Conor, Ida Bagus, and Jero, about the nature and treatment of the illness, as well as informal banter between Jero, her other patients, and people in her house yard. In an interview, Ida Bagus and his wife speak about the ten-year history of his illness and a variety of diagnoses.

    About the Speaker

    Julie MacDonald is a practicing medium and ordained Spiritualist minister, speaker, author & radio host who has been communicating the spirit world since a young child.  She has been working professionally as a psychic-medium for nearly two decades, serving a global clientele.  She has recently completed her first book of channeled material currently in publication negotiations.

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