DJ June D

    Live Music
    Friday June 6, 2014 @ 6:00 PM


    Eight years after she uprooted herself from her upstate New York hometown where music was her only creative outlet, June Deuell (aka DJ June D) still remembers both her initial fascination with the industry and her first experience at Limelight, where she felt like one of the stars of nightlife. Working with model promoters in top clubs like Lotus and Suede, she had her first lessons in promoting and hosting. By going out, meeting and working with everyone in nightlife, she learned how to drive a party. Years later, she discovered the colorful downtown nightlife scene of MisShapes, Tiswas and Rated X, and became fascinated by Michael T, Theo Kogan and Justine D.

    Having grown up with Motown, the Doors and the Beatles, but loving contemporary, envelope-pushing artists, June D can cater to any venue. Letting the audience's energy guide her sets, she always aims to help the partiers forget about the troubles that they have. She has toured Europe and the United States holding residencies in Los Angeles and New York City. Some clients include Conde Nast, The Standard Hotel, Henri Bendel, Greenhouse Nightclub, The Ace Hotel, The Hudson Hotel, Lotus and has worked with industry talents such as Ray Jarell, Elan Artists, Stretch Armstrong, The Rapture, Princess Superstar and many more. She has also made many couples and their guests happy on their wedding days. June D resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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