Mind/Body Balance through Art

    Saturday July 12, 2014 @ 1:30 PM

    Price: $45.00

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    Diagnostic Tree Session

    Explore how the symbol of the tree provides a map for health and healing in Tibetan medicine and how it might serve as a tool for strength and insight.

    About this series:

    Amsterdam-based artist and thangka painter Carmen Mensink will lead three workshops inspired by themes found in the exhibition Bodies in Balance: The Art of Tibetan Medicine. Each session will include an in-depth discussion and sketching in the galleries, followed by an art-making session.

    Other sessions in this series: 

    Medicine Buddha
    Friday, July 11, 6:30-9:30 p.m.
    $35; 10% off for members

    Learn how the sacred images and mantras of the Medicine Buddha, the foundational figure in Tibetan medicine, are used to provide a sense of peace, insight, and wellness.


    Healing and Protective Amulets
    Sunday, July 13, 10:00 am-1:00 p.m.
    $35; 10% off for members

    Tibetan medical knowledge holds that the human body is composed of three forces: wind, bile, and phlegm. Discover your primary force and then create a customized amulet to encourage a sense of balance, wellness, and protection.

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