Yael Acher-Modiano + Jacob Melchior

    Live Music
    Wednesday September 10, 2014 @ 6:00 PM


    A native of Tel Aviv, Yael Acher-Modiano graduated with a BA in Classical Flute from the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem. After living in Copenhagen for a decade, she moved to NYC with a Fulbright scholarship to study Composition at NYU in 2005. Since then she has resided in NYC. Acher-Modiano works with Contemporary, Classical, Free, Meditation, Electro-acoustic, Jazz, Hip Hop, as a soloist, with chambers, and leading her progressive Jazz group “Kat” Modiano Quartet. She also collaborates with choreographers, and composes live electro-acoustic soundtracks to legendary silent film screenings.

    The award winning, international Multiple Genres flutist and composer and Fulbright Scholar, Modiano has developed her own style of Meditative Contemporary Flute, which is based on Free Improvisation with a Buddhist approach.

    Among elements typical to Western modern music, one can find strong influences from ritualistic and spiritual music of indigenous cultures such as; Middle Eastern Bedouins, Australian Aborigines, Native Americans, monastic spiritual Tibetan Buddhists chants and Japanese Zen music.

    Together with Jacob Melchior, the international acclaimed Danish, New York based drummer/percussionist and composer, the duo’s performance exposes a versatile palate of sounds, melodies and rhythms, inspired by a deep passion for universal eclecticism.

    Jacob Melchior came to New York in January 1994 after a 6 month stay in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, where he performed in the 1991 Carnival with G.R.E.S. Acadêmicos da Rocinha. Since arriving in New York Jacob has played with many of the city’s finest musicians including Eric Alexander, Sam Yahel, Harry Whitaker, Bill McHenry, Duane Eubanks & Joe Cohn, in many of NYC’s most preeminent jazz clubs - The Blue Note, Iridium, Smalls, Dizzy’s, Kitano, Fat Cat, & Smoke. Most recently Jacob has performed and recorded with vocalists Aimee Allen (Winters & Mays, 2011), Ken Greves (Songs of Harold Arlen, 2012), On Your Mind with Henry Dee Bon Appétit with Carolyn Lee Jones, co-produced and played on ‘Listing in the Dark’ with Frank Senior, 2008 Smalls Records. Jacob has released two solo albums, the critically acclaimed 2010 release entitled It’s About Time featuring pianist Tadataka Unno and bassist Hassan JJ Shakur and Steppin’ Up from 1999 Music Mecca, featuring Thomas Fryland, Eric Alexander, Sam Yahel, Vanja Santos and Debbie Cameron.