DJ i:Wah

    Live Music
    Friday August 15, 2014 @ 6:00 PM


    If you’re looking for the perfect beat, i:Wah can show you the way. From House, Afrobeat, Brazilian, Latin, Reggae and Classics to Hip-Hop, Soul, Disco, Funk, Dance, Lounge and Global Grooves; i:Wah spins the best beats from around the world. Motivated by the magic of sound and the healing powers of sonic frequencies, the BeatPriest is on a mission to uplift the spirit of humanity through the ministration of music. The sensibility of sculpting music into lush soundscapes, scaled to just the right tempo, volume and tone to enhance the environment of a sexy and sophisticated venue, and set the mood for its discerning, diverse and curious clientele…is a specialized skill that is learned with experience and developed over time. In addition to having a solid command of his vast collection of hits, classics and eclectic songs across most major genres, i:Wah has the unique ability to select, mix and seamlessly blend these varying styles of sound into one continuous flow of aural ecstasy.

    Working it out on the ‘Wheels of Steel’ for more than 15 years, i:Wah has risen from humble beginnings in the house party, culture club and café scenes in Atlanta, GA, to become a nationally active DJ appearing at exquisite lounges, popular dance clubs, boutique hotels and big ticket events. Honing his ”All-Occasion” DJ skills by spinning at hundreds of events, in a  variety of cities, for extremely diverse audiences, i:Wah has found his versatility as a DJ to be an invaluable tool in providing a warm, welcoming and entertaining atmosphere, wherever he spins. Whether opening for or featuring with noted artists like Afrika Bambaataa, Common, Questlove, Osunlade, Rich Medina, Biz Markie, Vikter Duplaix, Simbad and Marques Wyatt, i:Wah plays in hot spots from Manhattan to Oakland and from Miami to Detroit, and has held residencies in New York City, Washington D.C, Atlanta and “Music City” (Nashville). Now based in New York City, i:Wah the BeatPriest is set to touch the world with music more than ever.


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