Before the Revolution

    Friday October 17, 2014 @ 9:30 PM

    Free ticket with a $10 K2 minimum

    1964, Italy, Bernardo Bertolucci, 105 min, Italian with English subtitles

    With Adriana Asti and Francesco Barilli

    Introduced by filmmaker Chiara Clemente

    A group of young idealists love, study, and struggle against the background of a radically shifting Italian landscape.

    Clemente on Before the Revolution: Bertolucci for me will always be the most intimidating figure because he was able to draw from an extremely local cultural narrative and Marxism and Freud and all of that and he’s been able to pull poetry out of it. I’ve always been very intimidated by that because as an Italian, someone raised in Italy, I had to run away to find my voice, and he really was able to find an extraordinary voice based on what was there in front of him.”