The Mandala Concert and Tour

    Wednesday September 16, 2009 @ 6:00 PM

    Price: $20.00
    Member Price: $18.00


    Detail of Mandala Notated Score, by Joel Thome,
    drawn on acetate sheet (photo by Jessica Lehman)


    6:00 Mandala Tour

    7:00 The Mandala Concert

    The Mandala Concert, a collaboration between celebrated composer/conductor Joel Thome and noted artist Harry Doolittle, will showcase both Thome's compositions using Mandala forms as notation and Doolittle's Mandala paintings, which will be viewed on screen at the theater.  

    Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Mandala: The Perfect Circle opening on August 13, 2009 and running through January 11, 2010.

    Thome is known for creating his own notational system based on Mandalas and strikingly drawn on see- through velour sheets.  Doolittle's Mandala paintings are applied by using acrylic colors beneath and on glass which are then cemented to canvas boards. Gold leaf and silver aluminum leaf are applied at different places throughout the canvas, which interact with the multiple colors.

    Both artists share a common creative process: they often "dream" their works into existence.

    Among the Mandala- notated Thome works included in the program are C,ES,ES for  string quartet, performed by the Scorchio String Quartet, named by David Bowie, whose  members are Gregor Kitzis, violin, Martha Mooke, viola, Julie Goodale, viola and Leah Coloff,  cello, Other works include Para Manuel for violin solo performed by violinist Gregor Kitzis, Canto XIV for solo flute performed by Linda Wetherill on platinum, gold and jade flutes.  

    The concert will close with the world premiere of Canto XV with Toshi Makihara, percussionist. 

    I. The  Gathering

    Dawn of the Mystic Core: The World Stair

    DNA Mandala

    Noga - Light of the first light


    Intermission 15 minutes

    II. The  Return

    C, ES, ES for String Quartet

    Mandala for solo violin: Para Manuel 

    Canto XIV -Mandala for solo flute (for JG)

    Canto XV-Number Spiral Mandala

    Listing of Performing Artists

    Scorchio String Quartet

    Gregor Kitzis- violin
    Martha Mooke- viola
    Julie Goodale- viola
    Leah Coloff,-cello


    Linda Wetherill- flute

    Gregor Kitzis - violin

    Toshi Makihara - percussion

    Collaborative Artist

    Harry Doolittle

    $20 ticket includes refreshments after the concert

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