Andrew Harvey

    Wednesday December 16, 2009 @ 7:00 PM

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    "I believe the human race will die out and destroy nature if it does not learn again how to adore God, the God in all of us, God shining and living in nature, and learn again how to act from and in that spirit of adoration."

    Andrew Harvey is an author and scholar, known primarily for his popular nonfiction books on spiritual or mystical themes. He was born in southern India in 1952 and moved to England at the age of nine. He went on to study at Oxford. In 1977 he returned to India for the first time since his childhood and underwent several mystical experiences that began a series of initiations into different mystical traditions. Harvey has lectured internationally and is the author of more than 25 books.

    Nathan Schwartz-Salant, PhD, was trained as a Jungian analyst in Zürich, Switzerland, and has a psychotherapy practice in New York City and Princeton, New Jersey. He is the author of numerous clinical papers and books, including The Mystery of Human Relationships: Alchemy and the Transformation of the Self, The Black Nightgown: The Fusional Complex and the Unlived Life, and The Borderline Personality: Vision and Healing.

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