Oliver Sacks + John Dugdale

    Saturday October 30, 2010 @ 3:00 PM

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    "...To what extent are we-our experiences, our reactions-shaped, predetermined, by our brains, and to what extent do we shape our own brains? Does the mind run the brain or the brain the mind-or, rather, to what extent does one run the other? To what extent are we the authors, the creators, of our own experiences? The effects of a profound perceptual deprivation such as blindness can cast an unexpected light on this." –Oliver Sacks, The Mind's Eye

    What do we see when we see nothing? The famed neurologist Oliver Sacks explores inner vision with photographer John Dugdale. Stricken blind by a stroke 18 years ago at the age of 32,Dugdale was able to transform what seemed like an insurmountable liability into a successful career as an art photographer

    Oliver Sacks is a professor of neurology and psychiatry at Columbia University. Sacks is the author of several bestselling books including his 1973 book Awakenings, which was adapted into an Academy Award-nominated film of the same name in 1990 starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.