Taiji on 23rd Street

    Wednesday November 24, 2010 @ 7:00 PM

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    A film and discussion with composer Philip Glass and director Sat Hon

    The extraordinary grace of the slow-moving Taiji gestures amid the rush of a river of people hurtling themselves toward their destination: this is New York. The spiritual practice of Taiji Quan, an ancient Taoist sacred dance is filmed on the ordinary, pedestrian thoroughfare of 23rd Street in New York City, accentuating the contrast of the sacred and the profane. The film took three years to complete as the Taiji movements commenced at the East River on the eastside of Manhattan and gradually progressed with the seasons along 23rd Street until reaching the Hudson River on the westside.  Metaphorically 23rd Street becomes the Tao (or path) for the practitioner of this Taoist moving form. 

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    Taiji on 23rd Street
    2010, Sat Hon, USA, 25 minutes
    Directed by Sat Hon
    Taiji performed: Sat Hon
    Music composed by Philip Glass

    This film is a production of the ATPS, Inc., a non-profit educational organization.