Pilgrimage and Faith

    July 1, 2011 - October 24, 2011

    For millennia people of all faiths have embarked on the practice of pilgrimage, journeying to a sacred place or shrine of special religious significance, while proceeding at the same time on an inner, spiritual journey. Objects associated with pilgrimage—whether works of high artistic skill or those intended for everyday use—often reveal deep human needs that transcend particular faiths.

    Pilgrimage and Faith explores these important spiritual journeys in three of the world's largest religious traditions: Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. While reflecting on the shared goals of personal development and communal solidarity evident in each tradition, the exhibition also highlights their particular ritual practices and artistic expressions.

    The exhibition features diverse examples of objects from each faith, including a Chinese Buddhist pilgrimage map, a Tibetan Buddhist hand prayer wheel, a twelfth-century Christian reliquary casket, Muslim clay prayer tablets.

    To learn even more about Pilgrimage and Faith, read the press release.


    Related Programs

    Piano Pilgrimage | Sunday, October 16 at 4 p.m.

    Misha and Cipa Dichter have devised a duo piano program to reflect a musician's faith and pilgrimage. A tour of the exhibition is included in the concert ticket. Learn More


    The Road That Teaches

    A Wednesday evening conversation series which explored the nature of faith and pilgrimage between two people from different walks of life, differing spiritual experiences. Speakers included: Gloria Steinem, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Andrew Cohen, Howard Bloom, and many more. Learn More

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    Silent Echoes

    A sound installation by Bill Fontana
    An immersive meditation experience where guests listened to the sound of five Kyoto temples bells when they are not being rung. Learn More

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    Lunch Matters

    This lunchtime film series featured short documentary films of pilgrimages and sacred destinations followed by active discussion sessions.


    Cabaret Cinema

    Our Friday night feature film series screened films where pilgrimage forms a central theme: the 1964 Becket, Bunuel's The Milky Way, Travellers and Magicians, Pasolini's Canterbury Tales, Ferroukhi's Le Grande Voyage, the 1946 Razor's Edge.


    Tours and Art Workshops for K-12 Groups
    Pre-Visit: Meaningful Maps
    A 45-minute interactive presentation led by a visiting museum educator may be scheduled free of charge after you reserve your K-12 group visit to the Rubin Museum of Art. Lesson includes an art-making activity and inquiry-based discussion about images from the museum's new Pilgrimage and Faith exhibition to support age-appropriate learning. All presentations begin with a basic introduction to geography, culture, and visual art, and generate curiosity and excitement about your upcoming trip. Learn More

    Fee: Free with your tour reservation

    Mystical Mountains
    In this session students will use mapmaking to explore the relationship between geography and art. Students will investigate mountains and travelers in the galleries and then create their own maps of imaginary mountain ranges along with directions for other travelers to journey through peaks, shrines, and other secret places. Learn More

    Fee: $150 / up to 30 participants, grades K-12 / In addition to admission and tour fees

    Talismans of Three Faiths (through October 2011)
    Students will discover the visual art of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam in the galleries, and participate in an arts workshop that will help them make meaningful and authentic connections between their own lives and the pilgrimage experience. Using what they have learned from maps, comparative art discussions, and objects from the museum's teaching collection, students will also create their own personal talismans. Learn More

    Fee: $150 / up to 25 participants

    Educator Development
    Religion, Art & Students: Working with Diverse Faiths

    Using the Pilgrimage and Faith exhibition as a launching point, learn how to facilitate conversations and create programs about interfaith dialogue. The Rubin Museum of Art's professional development sessions help teachers and educators of all levels utilize museum educational resources, programs, and exhibitions. Workshops for educators include guided tours, hands-on activities, and curriculum development sessions. Learn More

    Fee: $500 for 3 hour session / up to 30 participants / includes museum tour


    Exhibition Resources

    Audio Tour

    Download the exhibition audio tour from iTunes U

    Installation Photographs

    Click here to view the installation of Pilgrimage & Faith.

    The Road That Teaches Series

    Download from iTunes U

    A conversation series where two people from different walks of life, differing spiritual experiences discussed the nature of faith and pilgrimage. Featuring Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, Gloria Steinem and many more.


    Exhibition Interactives

    Brochure thumbnail Exhibition Online Brochure

    Read background information on these three religions and the many ways their practices converge in the pilgrimage experience. Launch Interactive

    Personal Pilgrimage

    Follow a first person Pilgrimage to the sacred place of Bodhgaya and learn about the Buddhist traditions practiced by its followers along the way. Launch Video Playlist

    Map thumbnailWutaishan Interactive Map

    Explore the intricate details of pilgrimage in this large historic work. Launch Interactive

    Map thumbnailPilgrimage Google Map

    Use this Google map to get a bird's-eye view of pilgrimage sites all over the world. Launch Google Map