High Ground

    Sunday February 17, 2013 @ 3:00 PM

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    2012, USA, Michael Brown, 92 min. 

    Post-screening discussion with US Marine Corps infantry combat veteran Iban Goicoechea and Franklin Schneier, MD on PTSD, ADHD, and anxiety. Gallery tour to follow.

    “People still don’t get it that not all pain is physical.” —Marine Corps veteran Katherine “Rizo” Ragazzino

    “In its ability to let us hear firsthand what life-and-death combat does to the human body and spirit, this film has few peers.” —The Los Angeles Times 


    In this new film by Michael Brown eleven veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the longest in American history, are invited to overcome the damage to their bodies, minds, and spirits and climb the 20,000-foot Himalayan giant Mount Lobuche. As the film follows their training and climb, it also explores the illusion of health and the struggle to have less-perceptible conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder treated seriously.


    About the Speakers

    Iban Goicoechea is a United States Marine Corps Infantry veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, a student at Columbia University, and Veterans' Affairs Editor for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association.  After active duty (2006-2010) Iban took a year to begin addressing emotional issues resulting from an abusive childhood, the experiences from his combat deployments, and the complex relationship between the two.  Iban is now a student at Columbia University, and has started several projects to address and improve the current paradigm applied to define, treat, and overcome the emotional issues referred to as PTSD.

    Dr. Franklin Schneier is a Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and Research Psychiatrist in the Anxiety Disorders Clinic at New York State Psychiatric Institute. Dr. Schneier’s research has focused on the diagnosis and treatment of social anxiety disorder and other anxiety disorders. He has been the recipient of Federal funding to conduct clinical trials establishing the efficacy of medications and combined medication-cognitive-behavioral treatments for social anxiety disorder and PTSD. He is also trained in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Dr. Schneier has also been funded by NIMH to use PET and fMRI imaging techniques to study social anxiety disorder and depression. He is author of more than 100 scholarly publications and a book for general audiences, The Hidden Face of Shyness.

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    Photo credit: Chad Jukes in High Ground by Didrik Johnck