Surface to Air

    Live Music
    Wednesday February 6, 2013 @ 5:00 PM

    Surface to Air is:

    Rohin Khemani (tabla & percussion), Jonti Siman (bass), and Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)

    With spare elegance, haunting melodies, and infectious rhythms, Surface to Air — Rohin Khemani on tabla and percussion, Jonti Siman on upright bass, and Jonathan Goldberger on acoustic guitar — combine their varied and extensive musical experiences and influences to create lush textures and musical interplay that takes listeners through a rich cinematic soundscape. At times playful and others quiet and contemplative, Surface to Air perfects the musical dichotomy between tension and drama, serenity and tranquility, with improvisation at its core.


    About the Artists

    Rohin Khemani is a Canadian-born percussionist and composer based in New York City. His principal instruments are the drum set, tabla, and a collection of percussion and found objects from around the world. He travels extensively with various projects, collecting instruments and sounds to inspire his explorations, improvisations, and writing.

    Guitarist Jonathan Goldberger spent most of his youth on the outskirts of the Everglades in Florida. He has worked extensively in both the music and film worlds, including composing and producing the music for the award-winning feature films Trans and The Hawk is Dying. He currently plays guitar with artists including Todd Sickafoose, Josh Roseman, Jim Black, and Briggan Krauss, among many others.

    Jonti Siman is a bassist and composer living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from South Africa via Washington, DC, he has preformed throughout the United States and in Europe playing upright and electric bass in a variety of musical settings. Jonti has shared the stage and/or studio with numerous musicians including Ron Miles, Don Byron, Art Lande, Joe Russo, and Zolani.