Live Music
    Friday August 2, 2013 @ 7:00 PM

    $20.00 in advance / $25.00 day of
    Member Price: $18.00

    Radically multicultural and poly-stylistic to the marrow, TriBeCaStan are one of contemporary music’s most musically diverse bands.

    Nestled in the heart of New York’s bustling urban sprawl lies a sonic oasis in which the sounds of the Indian sarod meet surf rock, West African kora merges with Appalachian mountain tunes, and traditional Afghan melodies mingle with East Coast loft jazz. Here Swedish nykelharpas and Pakistani taxi horns coexist in harmony (and mayhem) alongside thoroughbred jazz horns, driving grooves, exotic strings, and buzzing reeds.

    The Washington Post hails them as “an international jazz and folk festival unto themselves, fusing Balkan, Middle Eastern, Indian, Latin American, and African musical elements to bold and dazzling effect.”  According to Rootsworld “Tribecastan are the most hellishly-heavenly world music band you’re ever going to hear.”

    TriBeCaStan is:

    Jeff Greene - yayli tambor, tarhu, morsing, dutar, flutes, rubab, aqua drum, halo
    John Kruth - mandolin, mandocello, banjo, sitar, flutes, harmonica, voice
    Matt Darriau - kaval, clarinet, alto sax, gaida
    Kenny Margolis - accordion, harmonium
    Ray Peterson - double bass
    Boris Kinberg - timbales, gongs, percussion
    Rohin Khemani - tablas, hand percussion
    John Turner - trumpet
    Chris Morrow - trombone


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