Prana Trio

    Live Music
    Wednesday August 7, 2013 @ 5:00 PM

    Brian Shankar Adler (percussion)
    Sunny Kim (vocals)
    Ken Filiano (bass)

    Prana is a Sanskrit word translating into breath, vital energy, or life force.  It also refers to the primary energy of the universe.

    Prana Trio, was established by percussionist Brian Adler to transfer this universal idea of breath into a musical format. Since 2003, the group has explored original works and improvisations based on the texts of Rumi, Hafiz, Lao Tzu, Kukai, Shankarcarya, Kabir, Issa as well as others. Prana Trio has released three albums and has toured United States and Europe.

    Drummer/percussionist/composer Brian Shankar Adler is well versed in many forms of improvised music including jazz, Indian, and South American music. He is known for his uniquely delicate, earthy sound and sparseness on the drums and his creative compositional style of framing ancient texts. According to Cadence Magazine's David Dupont, "Adler's percussion is sure-footed and, when called upon, majestic" "His command of the drums is stunning..." says Mark E. Gallo of Adler founded Prana Trio and also leads the Helium Music Project, which brings together musicians from all over the wolrd, performing and recording original works. Brian has worked with: Pablo Aslan, Ran Blake, Frank Carlberg, Gerard Edery, Dave "Fuze" Fiuczynski, Mark Helias, Kate McGarry, Ben Monder, Stomu Takeishi, Alper Yilmaz among others. Adler holds a Bachelor's Degree from the New England Conservatory of Music.


    "Sunny Kim has a rich and beautiful texture, perfect pitch and excellent musicianship," says Irene Aebi, a jazz singer and long time musical partner of Steve Lacy. "She's an intelligent singer and a true artist." Sunny's powerful voice and experimental spirit evokes many music fans around the world, among who, Martin Busink (Musique Machine Magazine) raved on her performance on recording After Dark, "Sunny Kim's haunting voice doesn't stay within any tradition. Kim's processed vocals soar over us like aurora borealis."

    With her cutting edge vision for music and truly unique vocal style, melding elements of jazz, classical, electronic and Korean folk music, Sunny has gained recognition world-wide. After moving to NY in 2005, Sunny performed as a part of "Tribute to Steve Lacy Concert" at Merkin Hall in NYC, which featured jazz legends such as Dave Liebman, Joe Lovano, and Roswell Rudd, and at "Robert Creeley Memorial" with Irene Aebi. She has performed in groups led by Roswell Rudd, Min Xiao Fen, Pheeroan AkLaff and Gino Sitson in jazz venues such as the Stone, Jazz Gallery, Joe's Pub, the Knitting Factory, and Zinc Bar. Sunny has toured America, Korea and Japan appearing on numerous radio and television stations including Arirang TV, EBS, and WGBH as well as Korean newspapers such as Korea Daily and Korea Times. Sunny has performed with greats such as Ran Blake, Dave Fiuzyncski, Michael Cain, Carlos Alomar, Frank Carlberg, Jason Hwang, and Stomu Takeishi, and also has recorded and performed with various projects of her own.


    Ken Filiano, bass player, composer, improviser, has been performing throughout the world for thirty years, collaborating with leading artists in multiple genres, fusing the rich traditions of the double bass with his own seemingly limitless inventiveness. Ken leads two quartets, Quantum Entanglements, and Baudalino's Dilemma (Vinny Golia, Warren Smith, Michael TA Thompson), and is a co-leader of The Steve Adams/Ken Filiano Duo and TranceFormation (Connie Crothers, Andrea Wolper.) His extensive discography includes a solo bass CD, “subvenire” (NineWinds), and “Dreams From a Clown Car" (Clean Feed), which presents his compositions for his quartet, Quantum Entanglements (Michael Attias, Tony Malaby, Michael TA Thompson). For these and numerous other recordings and performances, critics have called Ken a "creative virtuoso," a "master of technique" . . . "a paradigm of that type of artist. . . who can play anything in any context and make it work, simply because he puts the music first and leaves peripheral considerations behind."

    Ken is on the teaching roster at the New School in New York, and has been a guest artist lecturer at School of Visual Arts and Hunter College (New York). He teaches master classes in bass and improvisation, and has a private bass studio in Brooklyn.