The Konyak of Nagaland

    Wednesday September 11, 2013 @ 1:00 PM

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    2010, India, Anu Malhotra, 52 min.

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    This film offers insight into the way of life of the Konyaks, the largest tribe in Nagaland, documenting vibrant festivals, sacrifices, feasts, and the sacred institutions of kingship and the tribal council.

    Anu Malthora offers an experiential insight into the customary way of life of the Konyak tribe of Nagaland, who were feared as headhunters not very long ago. This exceptional film, with its stunning visuals and informative narrative, presents images of possibly the last generation of headhunters.

    Anu documents the living Konyak traditions of vibrant festivals, sacrifices, and feasts, and the sacred institutions of kingship and the tribal council. She gives insight into the distinct qualities of Konyak culture, like the tradition of headhunting and the cult of fertility.

    The highlight of the film is the Konyak annual spring festival, Aoling, with all its energy and color. The Konyak actively reenact their past with colorful rituals, headhunting dances, war chants, animal sacrifices, and feasting, which are deeply reminiscent of their rich and vibrant past.

    About the Speaker

    Hailing from Kohima, Nagaland, Senti Toy Threadgill is a singer, songwriter and an ethnomusicologist based in New York City. Her debut music album “How Many Stories Do You Read On My Face” was selected by the Wall Street Journal’s Top 5 listings in 2007.

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