The Goosebumps: RL Stine + Joseph LeDoux

    Wednesday February 12, 2014 @ 1:00 PM

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    Acclaimed author R.L. Stine continues to send shivers down children's spines through the more than 300 million copies of his books in readers' hands worldwide. Here the "Stephen King of children's literature" sits down with NYU neuroscientist Joseph LeDoux (The Emotional Brain), a leading researcher on fear, to discuss how terror is registered in the brain. This is a film screening of a taped conversation.

    About the Speaker

    Joseph Dunsmoor is a Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU studying the cognitive neuroscience of human fear. His research examines how aversive experiences change how we interpret and react to objects in the world using functional brain imaging. This research looks at how cognitive skills like inferential reasoning and prior conceptual knowledge determine how we learn to fear, and how we might learn to overcome our fears.

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