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Online Resources

Educational Interactive Library

Explore the principal concepts of Himalayan art, including important deities and symbols, the materials and techniques used in creating works of art, and the purposes and functions of these works in their sacred and secular contexts through online interactives. 

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Education BlogEducation Blog

Rubin Museum of Art Education staff members share their experiences engaging their guiding philosophy of "look deeply, think deeply, feel deeply" in the galleries and beyond. Read, comment, and join the discussion about museum and art education, teaching, and Himalayan art.

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Explore ArtExploreArt Interactive

Journey behind works of Himalayan art on this interactive site, revealing the stories, ideas and beliefs that inspired them, and then to consider how peoples of other cultures have expressed ideas on similar issues through their own artistic traditions.

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Past Exhibition Interactives

Elements of Mandalas

Learn about the elements of a painted mandala while creating a beautiful design of your own. Launch Interactive

Download Activity Guide: Explore Mandalas

Explore Tradition Transformed

Nine Tibetan artists explore contemporary issues by integrating the traditional imagery, techniques, and materials found in Tibetan Buddhist art with modern influences and media. Launch Interactive 

Remembrance Poetry

Compose a poem inspired by the exhibition Remember That You Will Die. Your poem can share your memories of a person who has passed away, explore the nature of dying or mourning, or consider how you would like to be remembered. 
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The 24 Jinas

An online exploration of the 24 Jinas of Jainism.
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Sets in Himalayan Art

Learn about the Himalayan artistic tradition of creating sets of paintings and sculptures to portray groups of figures.
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Research Resources

Gallery, Classroom or Home Activities

Downloadable worksheets and activities for learning in the galleries or at home.

Himalayan Art Resources

Search a virtual museum of documented Himalayan art that includes high resolution images, essays, articles, thematic collections, bibliographies and activities for kids.

Treasury of Lives: Biographies of Himalayan Buddhist Masters

Browse biographies and portraits of Tibetan Buddhist and Bon masters by religious tradition, geography, community, and historical period.

Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center

Research Tibetan Buddhism using this digital library of important Tibetan Buddhist texts. The searchable catalogue and interface are in English and the literature is in Tibetan.

Links to Web Resources 

Himalayan Art & Culture Web Resources

Bibliography for Educators