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Podcast and Video Archive

Educational Podcast: Interview with curator Rahaab Allana

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Audio Tours & Podcasts

The Rubin Museum of Art produces audio guides and podcasts to complement our exhibitions that highlight numerous objects on view and feature commentary by curators, scholars and other museum professionals.

Current Exhibition Audio Tours & Podcasts
Please visit our Current Exhibition Resources page for all audio tours, podcasts, and videos related to the exhibitions on view.

Past Exhibition Audio Tours & Podcasts
For a complete list of our audio tours and podcasts please visit the Rubin Museum of Art's page on iTunesU.



The Rubin Museum of Art produces videos related to our collections and exhibition featuring curators, scholars, artists and special events. For more Himalayan art videos visit our pages on You Tube or Art Babble.


Past Exhibition Related Videos

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Paper Making: The Art of Sacred Books

This video showcases the traditional paper making process used in Tibet. This video was shown in conjunction with the exhibition Illuminated: The Art of Sacred Books.  Originally published by the Tibetan and Himalayian Library.  All recent edits created by the Rubin Museum of Art.

Exhibition: Illuminated: The Art of Sacred Books


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Atta Kim's Monologue of Ice

To mark the closing of the Grain of Emptiness exhibition, South Korean photographer Atta Kim documented the melting of a five-foot tall ice sculpture of the Buddha. Watch as visitors participated in the work by collecting ice-water from the sculpture with the injunction that they use it to tend to new growth. (3 min.)

Exhibition: Grain of Emptiness


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Computer Animated Kalachakra Mandala

Shebdrup Ling, Graz, Austria; Kavita Bela and Elizabeth Popolo, Cornell University Department of Computer Science

The digital reconstruction above allows one to see the intrinsic three-dimensionality of mandala palaces, which are often depicted schematically in two-dimensional representations like paintings or sand. The three-dimensional structure in this animation is built up just as prescribed by traditional visualization practices. (5 min.)

Exhibition: Gateway to Himalayan Art


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Losang Gyatso Discusses Tradition Transformed

Contemporary Tibetan artist Losang Gyatso discusses how he is transforming tradition in his art. (4 min.)

Exhibition: Tradition Transformed


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Tenzing Rigdol Discusses Tradition Transformed

Contemporary Tibetan artist Tenzing Rigdol discusses how he is transforming tradition in his art. (4 min.)

Exhibition: Tradition Transformed


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The Known Universe

The Known Universe takes viewers on a trip from the Himalayas through the inky black of space to the afterglow of the Big Bang. Every star, planet, and quasar seen in the film is accurately modeled from the world's most complete four-dimensional map of the universe, the Digital Universe Atlas. The new film was created by the American Museum of Natural History. (6 min.)

Exhibition: Visions of the Cosmos


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The Red Book of C. G. Jung

Guest curator Sonu Shamdasani introduces C.G. Jung's Liber Novus, commonly referred to as The Red Book. (8 min.)

Exhibition: The Red Book of C.G. Jung


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Sand Mandala of Chakrasamvara

Lama Karma Tenzin creates a sand mandala in the theater gallery of the RMA. The mandala took over two weeks to create out of millions of grains of crushed marble and under 2 minutes to destroy. (4 min.)

Exhibition: The Dragon's Gift


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Tenzin Rigdol's Sand Mandala

Watch the destruction ceremony of a sand mandala created by contemporary artist Tenzin Rigdol in the RMA theater. (9 min.)

Exhibition: The Missing Peace


Additional Featured Videos

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Jews and Buddhism:
Belief Amended, Faith Revealed

A film by Bill Chayes and Isaac Solotaroff that examines the dramatic surge of interest among American Jews in the spiritual teachings of Buddhism, many of whom are among the leading expositors and scholars of Buddhism in America.

A film by Bill Chayes and Isaac Solotaroff. Original music by Jami Sieber. Produced in cooperation with The Judah L. Magnes Museum. Narrated by Sharon Stone. To purchase a copy of the film please contact filmmaker: Bill Chayes (41 min.)


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Tibetan Painting and Monastic Life

A film by Ashim Ahuwalia featuring Matthieu Ricard that focuses on relationship between art making and daily life at Shechen Monastery. (7 min.)

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Explorations at the Rubin Museum of Art

Composite film of some great things happening at the Rubin Museum of Art. (7 min.)

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Transformation: Building the Rubin Museum

An abbreviated version of a longer documentary following the transformation of the building which houses the Rubin Museum of Art. (10 min.)