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The Rubin Museum of Art offers these curricular materials to help you prepare your students for their visit to the museum and to support your work in the classroom by exploring themes and ideas related to the art and culture of the Himalayas.


Actions of Peace: A Service Learning Curriculum in Celebration of Peace and Non-violence produced by the Rubin Museum of Art and generationOn with lesson plans available for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Thinking Through Art residencies for high school students published on the Online Evidence of Student and Teacher Learning database. Includes curriculum and documentation and evaluation of its implementation.

Franny's Feet, a series on PBSKids targeted to four- to seven-year-old children, is rooted in the excitement, learning, and joy that exploration can bring. In each episode Franny discovers new places, people, and situations that broaden her—and the viewer's—understanding of the world. The lessons below were co-developed by the Rubin Museum of Art and Thirteen WNET.

Download Exploring the Himalayas lesson and handout

Travel to Tibet with Franny and discover the Himalayan culture. Children will learn about living in the mountains and discover how animals contribute to daily life.

Download Exploring Chinese Celebrations lesson 

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Franny! Children will learn about Chinese traditions and construct their own Chinese dragon to parade around the classroom.