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The Dream-Over

May 10 – 11, 2014


To find out about future Dream-Overs, please contact us at

Individual Tickets = $108
Couples Tickets = $216*

*Couples Tickets are a shared ticket under the same artwork

Make the Rubin Museum the place of your dreams. Come in your bedsocks and pajamas and sleep over at the Rubin Museum beneath a work of art selected just for you. Dream under the compassionate and wakeful gaze of a hundred buddhas.

"I have never felt so intimate with a piece of art in my life." – Dreamer

• Instruction on the role of dreams in Tibetan Medicine

• Bedtime stories

• Lullabies

• Dream discussion groups

• Midnight snack & light Tibetan breakfast

Past Dream-Overs

In March 2011, eighty adults stayed the night during the museum's first-ever Dream-Over, see press coverage and video below. Sitar music by Spiral Music regular, Gian Luigi Diana:

Press coverage: New York Times, Bloomberg, WNYC, Flavorwire



About the Dream-Over:


• The Dream-Over begins at 8 p.m. and ends at 9:00 a.m. the following morning. All dreamers must arrive for registration no later than 8:15 p.m. or they may not be admitted. Dreamers are expected to stay at the museum for the entire event, leaving no earlier than 9:00 a.m.

• The Dream-Over takes place throughout the museum, with dreamers bedding down in the galleries under a piece of art chosen specifically for them.

• Dreamers must bring their own bedding.  (See “What to Bring” section below for important details.)

• Single vs. Couples Ticket: When purchasing admission, dreamers will choose between a Single Ticket (for one person) and a Couples Ticket (for two people). Couples Ticket-holders will sleep and dream together under the same work of art and each pay the same price as a Single Ticket.  Please note that friends purchasing Single Tickets will be assigned separate sleeping spots that may not be near each other.

• Please be aware that there will be videography and photography documentation of the Dream-Over.

• To help us create an environment of safety, comfort and inspiration, please do not bring any alcohol or drugs into the museum. There is no smoking throughout the Dream-Over, and outside access is not permitted.

• All dreamers must be age 18 or older.

• Dreamlife Questionnaires (along with a release form and an emergency contact form) will be made available to ticket holders via email. Dreamers must return their forms as soon as possible, and no later than noon on April 25, 2014.

IMPORTANT: Registration is final only after all forms have been completed and turned in on time. Participants who do not turn in their forms by the deadline forfeit their ticket and will not be admitted. Participants will receive their forms and instructions after they purchase their ticket.


• Each dreamer will be assigned a specific piece of art under which to sleep and dream. All dreamers must answer a Dreamlife Questionnaire which will inform the choice of artwork. Dreamers will learn upon arrival at the Dream-Over what artwork has been selected for them.


• As dreamers wake, they will be approached by Dream Interpreters early in the morning and asked to verbalize their dreams while in a state between sleeping and waking.


• Please arrive dressed in your pajamas, robe, and slippers.

• You must bring your own bedding. The galleries are cold and floors are hard, so bring what you need to be comfortable.  Comfy bedding such as duvets, quilts, favorite pillows, thermarests, and blow-up mattresses (with pumps) are recommended for optimum comfort. Tents are not allowed.

• A flashlight.

• Toiletries. While restrooms are available, showers are not.

• It is highly recommended that you bring earplugs, as the galleries can be noisy, and sleeping masks or a hat to pull down over your eyes, since lights will be dimmed for safety.

• Please eat dinner before you arrive and do not bring any food or drink into the museum. A midnight snack will be served, as well as a light Tibetan breakfast. Water fountains are available throughout the museum, but food and drink of all kinds are prohibited in the galleries.



Past Program 

Peak Experience VII

An Overnight Mountaineering Experience

While there is no program scheduled for the immediate future, please sign up to receive updates from the museum on a monthly basis.

Forty kids, aged 9-12 roped together alpine style, confront the challenges of climbing Mt. Everest. They discover the beauty, consider the perils, experience the culture and practice team dynamics. Their expedition leader is world-renowned high altitude mountaineer Robert M. Anderson. He is aided by Sherpa guides from Nepal and experienced climbers from around the world. The goal is not only to reach the summit, but also for all return unharmed. The children carefully make their way to each of the four camps along the Museum’s great spiral staircase. Here they learn safety techniques, leadership skills, Sherpa culture and the life lessons embodied in Himalayan art. Frostbite, oxygen and the brain, and why things feel heavier the higher you go will be issues the kids will confront. Together over the course of the evening, they share an astonishing experience: a fully simulated ascent of the highest mountain on earth.

Presented with the American Alpine Club - NY Chapter

Photos: Michel J. Palma