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The Road That Teaches

June 1 - August 31, 2011

"It is the road that teaches us the best way to get there, and the road enriches us as we walk its length." - Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

Programs and events to complement the exhibition: Pilgrimage and Faith: Buddhism, Christianity and Islam

This program has concluded. Please check the exhibition page, for upcoming events





The Road That Teaches

A Wednesday evening conversation series where two people from different walks of life, differing spiritual experiences will explore the nature of faith and pilgrimage. Guests to include:

Wed, June 1

Gloria Steinem + Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo
The feminist icon and British-born Tibetan Buddhist nun engage on questions of faith, the well-springs of belief, and Tenzin Palmo's pilgrimage to India that led her to sequester herself in a "Cave in the Snow" for twelve years.
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Wed, June 8

Richard Kearney + Joseph Prabhu
Philosophers Richard Kearney and Joseph Prabhu explore the interstices of the world religions in an attempt to find common ground.
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Wed, June 22

Abbot Mark Patrick Hederman + Sanford Drob
Abbot Mark Patrick Hederman of Glenstal Abbey in Ireland, an advocate of an alternative church to replace the Catholic church in Ireland, meets with psychologist Sanford Drob, whose engagement with Jewish mysticism and psychology has led to three books on interpretations of the Kabbalah.
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Wed, July 13

Andrew Cohen + Howard Bloom
Is faith a function of the individual or of society?
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Wed, July 20

Hughie O'Donoghue + Jonathan Haidt
A British artist and a psychologist explore memory, myth, and morality.
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Wed, July 27

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche + Eliza Griswold
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche was the first lama to bring the Bön dzogchen teachings to the West. He has since returned as a pilgrim to Tibet and in particular Mt. Kailash and the ancient Bön kingdom of Zhang Zhung. The award-winning poet Eliza Griswold is the author of The Tenth Parallel, which explores the knife-edge where Islam and Christianity meet.

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Related Exhibition and Programs

Pilgrimage and Faith: Buddhism, Christianity and Islam

The role of pilgrimage in three of the world's largest religious traditions—Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam—is explored in this exhibition of nearly seventy works of art and artifacts dating from the ninth century to the present.

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Silent Echoes

A sound installation by Bill Fontana

An immersive meditation experience listening to the sound of five Kyoto temples bells when they are not being rung. Learn More


Lunch Matters

Short documentary films of pilgrimages and sacred destinations followed by active discussion sessions.


Cabaret Cinema

Feature films in which pilgrimage forms a central theme: the 1964 Becket, Bunuel's The Milky Way, Travellers and Magicians, Pasolini's Canterbury Tales, Ferroukhi's Le Grande Voyage, the 1946 Razor's Edge.