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K-12 Workshops

Get creative! Schedule an exciting hands-on workshop to enrich your group's guided tour of the Rubin Museum of Art. During these 60-minute, interactive experiences led by professional teaching artists in our state-of-the-art Education Center, students will further explore the symbolism, structure, and content of Himalayan art. Workshops enhance guided tours, and can be scheduled beforehand or afterward.

K-12 Workshops

  • $150 per class: 32 students per class maximum
  •  60 minutes long
  • Space for a 20 minute lunch break is available upon request.
  • All programs are subject to availability, so book early!

Choose from:

Journey Scroll Paintings

Create your own scroll painting! Explore themes and symbols embedded in traditional Tibetan scroll paintings in the galleries! Also known as thangkas, these paintings are Buddhist works of art and important teaching tools that are deeply symbolic and easily transportable. Students are challenged to consider the creation of such works of art and make personal connections to their lives. Suggested tours topics to support workshop themes: Animals in Himalayan Art, Chinese Influences in Himalayan Art, Connections, Silk Road.

Limited Time Offering – Wrapped Amulet: a Mandala for Health and Wellness (March 15-September 8)

What makes you feel healthy? Explore the form and function of Tibetan amulets in the Bodies in Balance exhibition.  Traditional Tibetan amulets, or sungkhor, combine astrology, Buddhist symbols, and mantras to promote the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the wearer.  In the this workshop, students will illustrate their own personal conception of healthy living and will create an amulet that they can wear out of the museum. This workshop is designed to complement the Bodies in Balance: Discovering Health through Art tour

Mystical Maps

Design your own map! Investigate mountains and travelers in the galleries and create your own map of a journey through peaks, shrines and other secret places! Students will use mapmaking and collage to explore the relationship between geography and art. Suggested tours topics to support workshop themes: Animals in Himalayan Art, Chinese Influences in Himalayan Art, Connections, Silk Road.

3-D Mandalas

Construct your own 3-D Mandala sculpture! Using elements of design, architecture, and imagination, students will construct their own cosmic castle using non-traditional materials and connect to the geometry, symbolism, and structure of traditional Buddhist mandalas in the galleries. Suggested tours topics to support workshop themes: Mandalas, All About Buddha, Symbols.

Symbols in Sculpture

What symbol represents you?  Students will be inspired by the symbolism found everywhere in the art from Himalayan Asia and will explore the relationship between ideas and images. After learning techniques for working with clay, students will construct a relief sculpture of a personal symbol. Suggested tours topics to support workshop themes: Animals, Materials and Techniques, Peace and Wrath, Symbols.

Artifact Investigation

Discover the hands-on investigation techniques of professional museum curators, historians and art handlers! Using inquiry and observation, learn how to look deeply and uncover the religious, artistic, and cultural meaning of authentic works of art from our exhibitions and hands-on teaching collection. Suggested tours topics to support workshop themes: All About Buddha, Materials and Techniques, Symbols.

 *This workshop is suggested for grades 5-12.

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All Workshops subject to availability