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Prince of the Himalayas

 There are no public screenings scheduled for the immediate future, but if you are interested in a group booking of this film at the Rubin please write to or call 212.620.5000 ext. 344

“Sublime vision and originality.” - Variety

PRINCE OF THE HIMALAYAS (2006) is Sherwood Hu's exhilarating high-altitude Hamlet. Set in ancient Tibet under the shadow of the Himalayas, the film is a visually ravishing historical epic with stunning scenery, richly saturated color, and lush costuming. As the proto-typical tale of oedipal anxiety, or of the terrifying possibilities of taking action in the social world, this film re-invents a story we thought we knew. The film is not available on DVD.


"Here, at last, a Hamlet that makes emotional sense of the plot and the back story. - Bob Ellis, The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Hu's strong emphasis on spirituality breathes life anew into a magnificent old war horse." - Kirk Honeycutt,Hollywood Reporter

"With Prince of the Himalayas, Sherwood Hu confirms his status as one of China's most interesting directors with a glorious visual style married to a fascinating dramatic tale." - Hollywood Reporter

"The uniqueness of this film is that it blends so much eastern culture, religion and philosophy; therefore it gives a different life to the drama. The revenge carries different meanings now. The Prince has to make a different choice, which is the ultimate tragedy." -

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About the Director

Sherwood Hu

Prince of the Himalayas is directed and co-written by Sherwood Hu, one of the most exciting and dynamic directors to emerge from China. Born and raised in Shanghai, Sherwood relocated to the US to receive his Masters of Arts degree from New York State University and earned a Ph.D. in directing from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He created The Legend of Prince Lanling, a lavish stage production which received an Honorable Mention from the Kennedy Arts Center, and which he later adapted into his first feature film, Warrior Lanling, an epic ritual film about ancient China. His second feature, Lani Loa: The Passage had Francis Ford Coppola and Wayne Wang as its executive producers, and was one of the first U.S.-China co-productions.

Hu went back to China to direct a 40-episode television series, Purple Jade for China Central Television. He returned to epic costume period film work with Prince of the Himalayas, his own adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet, set in ancient Tibet, and performed entirely in the Tibetan language.

Mr. Hu is President of the Shanghai Film and TV Institute at Shanghai Theatre Academy where he supervises and mentors graduate students.


*Please note that this film includes some nudity and violence.