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  • Today: 11 a.m - 6 p.m.

  • The museum is closed on Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's Day.

  • The Cafe and the Shop are open during the museum hours.

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Thank you for supporting the 2012 Annual Fund!

Lisa Abbott

John McAuliffe

Linda Barley

Brent Mclean

Cindy Barnett

Julie Mellby

Shari Basom

James P. and Pamela Morton

Marlyn Baum

Edward Mufson

Ellen S. Belic

Kenneth Nassau

Steven Blakeslee

Harold and Ruth Newman

Robert P. Bowles

Vasilka Nicolova

Sara S. Brandston

Ambur Nicosia

Jane Broaddus

William Owens

Dorothy Bryan

Beverly J. Perkey

Peter Buffington

Dwight Primiano

Gabriel  and Jerilyn Caprio

Thomas J. Pritzker

Lamar Carter

Fred Ripley

Tyne Daly

William Rosoff

Charles Daniels

Rory Rubino

Mildred Dienstag

Alfred and Ann Ruesch

Dimitrios and Irene Drivas

Loretta Russo

Susana Epstein

Nisha and Mohit Sabharwal

John G. and Berthe Ford

Sherry Salman

Jeffrey Freidus

Irene Seeland

Barry and Suzan Friedberg

Monte Silberger

Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman

Yelena Siwinski

Jessica Galgano

Marylin J. Slater

Ava Gerber

Francine Smilen

Nicodemus Giannelli

Margaret Smith-Burke

Francoise Grossen

Kat Taylor

Cynthia Guyer

Harry Taylor

Maria Iager

Lawrence Taylor

Pat Kaufman

Edward Todd

John V. Koerber

Ted Vaill

Phlyssa Koshland

Carla Varriale

Ruth Lekan

Marie-Helene Weill

Neil and Harriet Leonard

Sandra Weinberg

Barry Levenstam and Elizabeth Landes

Hanson Wong

Stuart Leyton

Astrid Yee-Sobraques

Maria N. Lyras

Mel Yosso

Gillian Marshall

Barbara Zelley

Fran Martell

Martin and Beth Zubatkin

Donald and Linda Mather