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Resources for Educators & Parents

Activities & Resources for the Gallery, Classroom or Home

The Rubin Museum of Art is dedicated to enhancing visitors’ appreciation and understanding of Himalayan art with stimulating and interactive educational tools located throughout the galleries. Here you can download printable copies of our gallery activities.

Featured Resource

Educational Interactive Library

Explore the principal concepts of Himalayan art, including important deities and symbols, the materials and techniques used in creating works of art, and the purposes and functions of these works in their sacred and secular contexts through online interactives.  Launch Interactive

Universal Himalayan Art Resources
Educator Resources Guides
Current Exhibition Resources

Universal Himalayan Art Resources

Looking Guide

Recognize Common Symbols and Important Figures in Buddhism

Animal Symbolism Pre-Lesson


Download Animal Symbolism Lesson Plan and Handouts

Marvelous Mandalas Pre-Lesson


Download Marvelous Mandalas Lesson Plan and Handouts

Powerful Protection Pre-Lesson


Download Powerful Protection Lesson Plan and Handouts

Common Symbols -Worksheet

Common Symbols of Buddha Activity Guide

Gallery Sketchbook

Sketchbook Activities Related to Artwork

Mandala Activity Guide

Mandala Activity Guide

Explore Mandalas Online Interactive

Himalayan Portraiture Activity Guide

Portaiture Activity Guide

Decoding Himalayan Art

Decoding the Wheel of Becoming
The Twelve Miraculous Deeds of The Buddha
Postures in Himalayan Art
Gestures in Himalayan Art

Actions of Peace: A Service Learning Curriculum

Actions of Peace: A Service Learning Curriculum in Celebration of Peace and Non-violence produced by the Rubin Museum of Art and generationOn with lesson plans available for elementary, middle, and high school students.

Draw in the Tibetan style

Peaceful and Fierce Drawing Activity
Blank Drawing sheets

Educator Resource Guides

Educator Resource Guide: The Flip Side

Educator Resource Guide: The Flip Side

Artful Journey Family Guide: From India East

Family Guide for From India East

University Resource Guide ThumbnailUniversity Faculty Resource: Gateway to Himalayan Art

University Faculty Resource Guide

Educator Resource Guide: Masterworks

Educator Resource Guide for Masterworks

Educator Resource Guide: Place of Provenance

Educator Resource Guide for Place of Provenance

Educator Resource Guide: Mirror of the Buddha

Educator Resource Guide for Mirror of the Buddha

Educator Resource Guide: The Body Unbound

Educator Resource Guide for The Body Unbound

Educator Resource Guide: Casting the Divine

Educator Resource Guide for Casting the Divine

Animals in Himalayan Art Educator Guide

Self-guided tour adaptable for grades K-6

Storytelling in the Himalayan Region Educator Guide

Self-guided tour adaptable for all ages

Educator Power Points

Educator Power Point: Hollow Metal Casting

Download Hollow Metal Casting Power Point

Suitable for all ages, this power point can be adapted for any classroom experience.

*Note: You computer must have Microsoft Power Point for this program to work.*




Asia Map Download


Himalayan Map Download


Spread of Buddhism Map